Elixir of all pains..!!!

Have you ever been depressed so long unable to bear the pain created by your close ones or situations or fate??Obviously you must have faced such situations for sure,because pain is a part and parcel of maintaining human relations.

You must be largely experienced either by causing pain to others or being affected by others.It is very natural that we do get hurt and we do hurt others but all this was not intentional,instead was unintentional issues.


We suffer a lot and get depressed in such moments without even thinking the root cause for the pain or situation. After all we are humans and we are not called by that name if all this exactly wont happen with us.We must be some super natural power for not happening this to us.

Whatever the bottomline is “WE EXPECT NOT TO EXPERIENCE THE SAME PAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN”,because it is we who knew the depth of the suffering as struggling alone in pain is a bloody hell.


I am the one who experienced this pain many a time but never complained about it to anyone.Finally one day my pain shattered out ,came out of me and i burst out before my dad.To my surprise,the pain or the suffering which has been killing me since many days got disappeared all at once when i shared it with my dad.I realized how foolish am i all these days,even without sharing my pain to my parents.The moment my dad witnessed my agony,he just has no words to say,gave sometime to me to make sure all the suffering within me is out and then just took my hands  into this hands and said “HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THE PERSON WHO HURT YOU AND WHY DID HE HURT U?”..Out of my irksome nature,i  jus said why should i?

Then he said to me that thats the reason why you suffered these many days.I dint get my dad at the moment,but later on when days passed by,i got to know how mom and dad used to understand each other.

To my shock they never fought nor even scolded each other.They always understand each other imagining themselves in the other person’s situation..This is called EMPATHETIC VIEW.


Just try to understand others by thinking in their way..thats it…PAIN WILL NEVER SUFFER YOU.

trust me…

have an empathetic view….

Plight of a purest relation….!!!!!!

Can we be friends forever …???

Can we hold our hands together…???

Can we really share our feelings among ourselves???




Will the world permit us to be like this…????

This is the voice of a boy and a girl who wanna be REAL friends but fear of the MISUNDERSTANDING world around them???

I witnessed my friends with this situation and I m really disturbed after seeing them struggling to protect their PUREST relation…I have no role to play  to solve their relation but I see their pain and I never want a true relation to be blamed at any cost……They don’t want to be blamed for their purest form oF relation…They want to be blessed for their relation.Instead they are being pointed out as FAKE and there ends the sharing of the feelings which holds the main part of their relation …..None realizes that friendship is nothing but giving and sharing happiness……

I just gave a piece of advice saying that ” show your extremity in your relation and people will automatically understand their insanity “…

I won’t allow their relation to wither off as it is not a shortlybuilt relation provided its a long term and  a purest relation…..

I really feel sorry for the folks who areunaware of the difference between friendship and love……….Hope that they will rekindle their inner spirit and continue their friendship……

Friendship rocks…!!!!!!

Esteemed element of life is you…!!!!

Did you ever speak to yourself? Did u ever care for yourself? Are you much concerned about yourself …it may seem strange to you after seeing these questions.but these are to be posed for every now and then to evaluate what is you . Because the most important person you got to care about in your entire life is you.when you know you, you are able to know what’s going around you.

I came across a sentence recently in a book it is “the worst loneliness is when you don’t speak to you ” great words of mark twain…

Its a real fact that is to be realized.isnt’ it thrilling to care the person in you,share your thoughts and consoling,it’s nothing but comforting you on you…you must respect yourself and your thoughts ,then develops lots of optimistic elements like self confidence ,discipline ,,empathy,understanding,organizing ,humanrelations what not everything  will be as you wish…realize you are the gift for you ..treat you in a way that you will remain confident all the time….change  yourself just by accepting yourself…talk to you,write to you,and I m sure you will see the exactness in you…some qualities remain dormant when you don’t  pick them up..bring out the exact you from you and trust me you will be more happier than ever…..

Evaluate yourself,change yourself,accept yourself …….. Then you need not lead a life you can LIVE your life each and every moment…..

Respect yourself and bring out the positive prospects…….

So never be lonely till you have life in your breath…..live life..!!!!



The power of a spoken word…!!!!!

The words that we speak are the effigy of our mind..whatever our mind drives we try to deliver that by our speech on the form of SPOKEN WORDS.The spoken word has a power in it.yes I really mean it.When a word or a desire comes to our mind we intend to do that,we make it possible by cracking out all impossibilities.The boldness to beat out the obstacles ,the courage to make your word come true lies in the SPOKEN WORD.A spoken word is a desire in you, a dream in you, something that you wanna make it happen,it is something you wish to accomplish……so whenever you aim or desire at something just speak that desire in yourself…it is done..sometimes when you read a book or a blog you come across some beautiful lines…just pick them up and keep within you..I m sure within no time you see those lines happen in reality. Reality is that near to you. Never give up anything,always be ambitious and energetic…all these words came from my heart after I met some people who make their wishes through the power of their SPOKEN WORDS…
Truly they live life…they teach the values of life.l…they give life to thoughts and make them happen…I truly adore them…….



At times inevitable………..!!!!!!!

Some situations turn in such a way that we will be automatically stimulated to either laugh till our stomachs hurt or cry bitterly.These situations are quite common and we do experience them.Both these situations makes us light hearted.we cant stop either laugh or tears..because both are emotionally controlled.In real life many  a time we are forced to experience them.How ever some situations remain memorable and some are to be forgotten for sure..But one thing to realize is that Both these are Extremities of emotion and so are inevitable to get experienced.

We find loads and loads of fun in a hang out with friends and we find lots of tears shedding our eyes while we get apart from them.Each and every thing in our life gives us happiness and at the same time makes us weep.Movies are the best example..we enjoy to the fullest while watching comedy and cry bitterly while sentimental kind touches you.You make fun of your siblings while they sulk on you and at the same time if they need to be apart from you again tears roll on your cheeks.YOU also serve as the example…when you crack  a joke  others laugh because of you and if you hurt some one they cry because of you….again the entry of extremities…..

Smile on your Lips and Tears from your Eyes are interrelated…………and they teach us the best lesson that both happiness and unhappiness are a part of life.Dare to face them with guts ………………

Dazzling Dreams….!!!!

How will you feel after seeing a rainbow…????

It feels like heaven and our hearts will be filled with delight up to the brim right??????

Wont we feel like touching the rainbow…it will be that attractive at sight..!!!

Similarly LIFE will be COLORFUL if we just accept by heart…..Jus leave all hard feelings and come out of untimely boundaries…and try to fly in the world of colors……


LIFE is nothing but a RAINBOW…….each and every color can be compared to a feeling….


some colors when seen separately wont attract us but when seen in a rainbow…it gives a special look…

likewise some situations gives us bad memories….but life is a blend of all ..(both good and bad)….

we must relish the innateness of LIFE……


then only you can LIVE YOUR LIFE……

You can live upto your dreams….