A “5 hour” magic ..!!

image.jpegSome dates are to be noted.Some moments are to be cherished .Some relations are meant to last forever. I never thought of having a brother or how it will be like having a an elder brother in my life. Because my sister always has been my bestie and a guide in all my life aspects.But a 5 hour duration in my life made me feel how will it be like having an elder brother .It was on 26th August 2013 , when I was heading to U.S from India my boarding flight was in Bangalore and I had to stay for 5 hours and then take a flight to Newyork.My parents called my cousin and informed about my stay in Bangalore for 5hrs.Then my cousin came to accompany me for the stay and then it went on so well , though we were cousins we had a that gap of being so close as his sister.We started talking so casually and went deep into our childhood our studies our life plans and many more .At the end of 5th hour I kind of felt like having some more time to talk to my brother .I had to leave and so I left.Then on we were continuously In contact with each other and he always took much care of me and my sister.We used to talk for long long hours which made us fulfil our childhood gap so soon .Its so lovely having a brother like you in my life ..!! It’s always fun having a phone conversation with you 🙂


DeFiNiNg EmOtIoNs….!!!!!……………..(Be happy and keep smiling)

imageAll the happenings between any relation are carried by emotions…

An expression of a feeling, be it happiness or agony, can be carried by an emotion..

Emotions are a vent to innate feelings. One can let other people know about how they feeling in the form of emotions. These Emotions are a beautiful way of expression. Emotional moments carry lot of value in one’s life. A person can be seen in a unique way while he is carrying an emotion. It makes one to show their true self.

Emotional  moments has a very big role in everyone’s life. They can do miracles.They can ruin one’s life.Yes emotions are extremes of feelings,they are involuntary actions of feelings,a FEELING when seen in its extreme level becomes an emotion.

Everything in this world has good and bad and so are emotions.

I have seen emotions binding people,emotions break people .I was literally in very deep interpretation how can emotions be so extreme and change many lives..

Basically I am an emotional person and I value them a lot,the role of emotions in my life is to the zenith.I love to be emotional because when I was in emotion,my mind works,my heart supports me and i feel better.

I choose to be emotional because I never knew that these emotions also can destruct relations if we are unaware to deal with them.


Your emotions are your actions

Whenever you do anything,the outcome may be a reason for your emotion .

Your emotions are your thoughts

When you think of an incident or a person ,you may smile or you may cry .they will obviously make you emotional …

Anything you like makes you emotional

Anything which you don’t like may be emotional

Yes being an emotional person is in your hands.Some never chose to deal with emotions ,they want to be logical..sometimes they will be benefitted ,sometimes they will miss the emotional pleasures …

Emotions are a world of feelings .Any feeling can be shown in an emotion …

Emotional times

When a baby is born ,the emotions of a mother cannot be explained.Such emotions are worth watching…the emotional touch when mother sees and touches her baby is spellbound.

The pleasure she gets after seeing her own baby she has been carrying since 9 months.Every moment she feels the pleasure see her image.

Emotional back ground

Some people have memories and they often make them emotional .Passing away of their loved ones,reminding their absence makes them feel emotional …

Emotional touch

When a loved couple are together ,their wedlock makes them emotional .The bond tied at that moment for their lifetime makes them feel emotional…

When a gut expresses his love to his girl and when she waits for that lovely moment,can you define their emotional level???

OH MY GOD what a moment

Every young lass awaits this moment

A woman who has been waiting to be a mom,when gives birth to a baby,can you limit her excitement and can you measure her emotions at that moment?

A mother after hearing that his son ‘s ambitions came true ,there is -any  limit for her happiness ?

all these instances are emotional moments and they are priceless….

Being emotional doesnt mean that we are not bold,it means we try to see everything with heart…but there are some things that should be seen in reality….

never let others play with your emotions…

keep smiling..!!1

Your words rule your world …!!!

Something that makes sense to talk , hear or to act is a word that you utter. Words carry lot of meaning and sense in every aspect of life. Words have power of both edges that makes or mars anyone into an idealistic person.

No other thing influences as much as a word that you spoke can. As an individual who is emotional enough to speak about this, experienced to meet persons who influenced a lot with their words. Some words change us in a way that we accept the change so heart fully and that makes you feel utmost happy for that change in you. But the thing here is consistency of the change you made in your life, Although the person who is responsible may change, you never know you may never change from that influence made by the person in your life. That is the respect you give them.I m happy that I have some of good changes in my life because of some persons in my life.I thank them heartfully.

Words that we speak may affect persons around you with or without your knowledge. Think twice before you speak, before you do anything based on your words. Every word you utter is the effigy of your thoughts.

A word is the root cause for a smile and tear as well. Any word that makes you smile can be shared to as many persons as you can.

Any word that hurts you can be ignored as fast as you can. Key tips of life and you will be a conqueror of your world.

Change your world with your WORD



YoU ArE ThE BeSt…!!!! <3 <3

Best is something that feels good to hear,to see and to speak.Also to follow.Sometimes we feel proud when someone says “you are the best”.It creates some sort of optimism in our heart.A feeling of positive drive towards our goals.

A gush of confidence to do any kind of work.A series of happiness follows you and you will feel like achieving any kind of tough tasks.


You need someone to tap at your back,you need someone to share your feelings(be it happiness or grief),you need someone to console you,you need someone’s presence beside you,on a whole you want someone to be part of your life.This is very true..


There are moments that test your mettle,test you in such a way that tears occupies the most part of your life…They demotivates you,they make you depressed,they make your spirits down…They will be like hurdles to your way….

The person is “YOU”

Try sharing each n every aspect of your life’s event to YOU…

Try to be your own caretaker,inspire yourself,motivate n push yourself back from deepest agonies n try to explore  “YOU” in you…

Life teaches you lessons till you have patience to learn….!!!!

keep smiling….!!!! @@@

FoOt PrInTs Of mY LiFe…!!!

Lived so far with a blend of happenings around me n my heart.Some are sweet,some are bitter n some are very memorable ones.Some of them taught me how to live happily,some how to struggle n win,some of them with the best lessons in life.We are born to learn something n do something.

Its a great line occupying the largest meaning not even found in the dictionary 😉

Suppose a day you learn something n do something bout of it,the result oesn’t matter here,anything that matters here is Living Life endowed to you purposefully.

I write all these blogs just to put my thoughts together at a place,recently i came across some situations that gave me immense pleasure.

Mistakes will be done by everyone everyday,but learning something n applying it to your life is something that adds spice to your life..

I learned to smile everyday whenever i see someone,i m used to it now..feel good thing..

Smile n see.. 🙂

MIS “understanding” FrIeNdS

Friends….!!!!! ❤ ❤

The word that makes to show up a curve on your face..Friends make your life beautiful.

Funnniest moments,memorable moments many more will be part of friendship.Everyone has a friend.Nothing but a companion that makes you rock your life…

We do miss them sometimes..Then comes the time to go back and rewind the past happenings.Best time of making ourselves happy is jus reminding them…

Smile and tears are everywhere in any relation so is “FRIENDSHIP”

We have fun,we hang out,we play together,we cry together,we fight whatnot I bet every friend tries to give their best to their bestie…!!!

Sometimes Misunderstandings pauses the relation…seriously it is quite common to misunderstand….i experienced personally…

Many times i ve seen friends misunderstanding each other..I feel so sorry for such moments.

I feel like slapping my bestie and ask if she cant forgive me and listen to my explanation,though my heart says me this,my mind provokes me not to do that…But afterall we are friends we must anyways resume the relation again…so i will never take a step backward to go n talk to my friends…do you know why???

They UNDERSTAND me so well ,yes they do and so our relation existed till now,and now that moment has come to save my relation n i will do it for sure…they care me a lot,makes me smile and shares my agony..so how can i forgo them???

I still have such friends who are a part of my life…..

Love them…

I specially dedicate this one of my friend ..she is cute but like a kid..

Love you ❤

“SwInGiNg mE”

The thing that makes you feel is your HEART,either happy or sad..it sometimes fetches you happiness and sometimes dumps you in agony.Both extremes are part of leading life.

But i see myself in swinging thoughts sometimes.Im scared of expecting the very next happening,bcoz i never knew what will i end up with.I m finding myself in a zenith position n sometimes finding myself in pathetic state.I couldn’t even realize how the way things change around me.Why does this happen???

This is 99th day of my struggle n finally could fix my puzzle 😉

Ignoring is the breaker of my puzzle.Some past picks of life leaves a deep foot prints on the WAY OF THINKING.They are stamped in our heart in such a way that we even can’t realize the reason is because of past.I knew it was pathetic but at times we need to dig the past n scrap away some memories for the favour of future..

Easiest thing is advising.bcoz we are not going to see it in an empathetic view,so people keep on showering advices ion you.Just be yourself.None knows morethan what you know about you..!

Caring was my favourite word in english,Ignoring is my favourite word now.

Wish i wouldnot not change ignoring to——- in future too..!!


My things “ex CHANGED” my LIFE

Exciting moments of life gives us lots of happiness.But when exciting moments occupy your life at some time,make sure you get ready to face also the exact opposite happenings.


This is not at all thinking in a negative way but to make your mind ready for some instances,preparing to face them with Boldness.


I tell this to you bcoz….some moments make you feel lonely such that you lose confidence in yourself and you just feel HELPLESS for all the shocks you receive sometimes….

The things that makes you BOLD makes you feel HELPLESS…

Life is nothing but accepting unexpected  happenings…!!! and this line is very hard to accept ….we realize this only when we face the hardtimes….


When the world is before you with many challenges,your own mind shouldn’t be a challenge for you..Be a person to forgive all the illness of life’s happenings…! Be a person to face the highest agony and face the world with a smile 🙂

The Joy in happy times and the pain in sad time are EXTREMES of life.. MEANS is dealing with EXTREMES…. 🙂 😦

A single drop of water with lots of feelings is a “Tear”.
When you shed them,make sure they carry some value before they leave your EYE..!!!


The best thing of life is BEING HAPPY…!!!

The best thing of being happy is to LIVE life ….!!!

May seem simple but carries lot of meaning …add it to your life…!!!

Good things happen to good people…!!!


When the world is against you and if u win in that case it means that you are GOOD enough to succeed.The first and foremost thing you must possess is self confidence.It makes you potent to be perfect.Whenever the strength within you is inhibited,jus imagine the feelings of your parents when you reach heights.That will make you shine and regain your innate strength.

Everyone is born in the same way.The way they shows up makes all the difference.Although you faced some of the failures,you need not sit depressed,it jus means that you are already in the path of success.When a failure is witnessed by you it means that you have given a TRIAL and you are running for success.

When your mind doesn’t answer you to any of your questions,it doesn’t mean that your mind is blank.It means that your mind needs your encouragement to get activated,you are the inspirational idol for all the things that come from your mind.

Never give up anything by jus witnessing a couple of failures,generally the beginnings are scary and lateron success will be YOURS for sure….

Come on gear up to give your strength to your mind…..

You can do it…!!!!