A “5 hour” magic ..!!

image.jpegSome dates are to be noted.Some moments are to be cherished .Some relations are meant to last forever. I never thought of having a brother or how it will be like having a an elder brother in my life. Because my sister always has been my bestie and a guide in all my life aspects.But a 5 hour duration in my life made me feel how will it be like having an elder brother .It was on 26th August 2013 , when I was heading to U.S from India my boarding flight was in Bangalore and I had to stay for 5 hours and then take a flight to Newyork.My parents called my cousin and informed about my stay in Bangalore for 5hrs.Then my cousin came to accompany me for the stay and then it went on so well , though we were cousins we had a that gap of being so close as his sister.We started talking so casually and went deep into our childhood our studies our life plans and many more .At the end of 5th hour I kind of felt like having some more time to talk to my brother .I had to leave and so I left.Then on we were continuously In contact with each other and he always took much care of me and my sister.We used to talk for long long hours which made us fulfil our childhood gap so soon .Its so lovely having a brother like you in my life ..!! It’s always fun having a phone conversation with you πŸ™‚


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