DeFiNiNg EmOtIoNs….!!!!!……………..(Be happy and keep smiling)

imageAll the happenings between any relation are carried by emotions…

An expression of a feeling, be it happiness or agony, can be carried by an emotion..

Emotions are a vent to innate feelings. One can let other people know about how they feeling in the form of emotions. These Emotions are a beautiful way of expression. Emotional moments carry lot of value in one’s life. A person can be seen in a unique way while he is carrying an emotion. It makes one to show their true self.

Emotional  moments has a very big role in everyone’s life. They can do miracles.They can ruin one’s life.Yes emotions are extremes of feelings,they are involuntary actions of feelings,a FEELING when seen in its extreme level becomes an emotion.

Everything in this world has good and bad and so are emotions.

I have seen emotions binding people,emotions break people .I was literally in very deep interpretation how can emotions be so extreme and change many lives..

Basically I am an emotional person and I value them a lot,the role of emotions in my life is to the zenith.I love to be emotional because when I was in emotion,my mind works,my heart supports me and i feel better.

I choose to be emotional because I never knew that these emotions also can destruct relations if we are unaware to deal with them.


Your emotions are your actions

Whenever you do anything,the outcome may be a reason for your emotion .

Your emotions are your thoughts

When you think of an incident or a person ,you may smile or you may cry .they will obviously make you emotional …

Anything you like makes you emotional

Anything which you don’t like may be emotional

Yes being an emotional person is in your hands.Some never chose to deal with emotions ,they want to be logical..sometimes they will be benefitted ,sometimes they will miss the emotional pleasures …

Emotions are a world of feelings .Any feeling can be shown in an emotion …

Emotional times

When a baby is born ,the emotions of a mother cannot be explained.Such emotions are worth watching…the emotional touch when mother sees and touches her baby is spellbound.

The pleasure she gets after seeing her own baby she has been carrying since 9 months.Every moment she feels the pleasure see her image.

Emotional back ground

Some people have memories and they often make them emotional .Passing away of their loved ones,reminding their absence makes them feel emotional …

Emotional touch

When a loved couple are together ,their wedlock makes them emotional .The bond tied at that moment for their lifetime makes them feel emotional…

When a gut expresses his love to his girl and when she waits for that lovely moment,can you define their emotional level???

OH MY GOD what a moment

Every young lass awaits this moment

A woman who has been waiting to be a mom,when gives birth to a baby,can you limit her excitement and can you measure her emotions at that moment?

A mother after hearing that his son ‘s ambitions came true ,there is -any  limit for her happiness ?

all these instances are emotional moments and they are priceless….

Being emotional doesnt mean that we are not bold,it means we try to see everything with heart…but there are some things that should be seen in reality….

never let others play with your emotions…

keep smiling..!!1