Your words rule your world …!!!

Something that makes sense to talk , hear or to act is a word that you utter. Words carry lot of meaning and sense in every aspect of life. Words have power of both edges that makes or mars anyone into an idealistic person.

No other thing influences as much as a word that you spoke can. As an individual who is emotional enough to speak about this, experienced to meet persons who influenced a lot with their words. Some words change us in a way that we accept the change so heart fully and that makes you feel utmost happy for that change in you. But the thing here is consistency of the change you made in your life, Although the person who is responsible may change, you never know you may never change from that influence made by the person in your life. That is the respect you give them.I m happy that I have some of good changes in my life because of some persons in my life.I thank them heartfully.

Words that we speak may affect persons around you with or without your knowledge. Think twice before you speak, before you do anything based on your words. Every word you utter is the effigy of your thoughts.

A word is the root cause for a smile and tear as well. Any word that makes you smile can be shared to as many persons as you can.

Any word that hurts you can be ignored as fast as you can. Key tips of life and you will be a conqueror of your world.

Change your world with your WORD




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