YoU ArE ThE BeSt…!!!! <3 <3

Best is something that feels good to hear,to see and to speak.Also to follow.Sometimes we feel proud when someone says “you are the best”.It creates some sort of optimism in our heart.A feeling of positive drive towards our goals.

A gush of confidence to do any kind of work.A series of happiness follows you and you will feel like achieving any kind of tough tasks.


You need someone to tap at your back,you need someone to share your feelings(be it happiness or grief),you need someone to console you,you need someone’s presence beside you,on a whole you want someone to be part of your life.This is very true..


There are moments that test your mettle,test you in such a way that tears occupies the most part of your life…They demotivates you,they make you depressed,they make your spirits down…They will be like hurdles to your way….

The person is “YOU”

Try sharing each n every aspect of your life’s event to YOU…

Try to be your own caretaker,inspire yourself,motivate n push yourself back from deepest agonies n try to explore  “YOU” in you…

Life teaches you lessons till you have patience to learn….!!!!

keep smiling….!!!! @@@