FoOt PrInTs Of mY LiFe…!!!

Lived so far with a blend of happenings around me n my heart.Some are sweet,some are bitter n some are very memorable ones.Some of them taught me how to live happily,some how to struggle n win,some of them with the best lessons in life.We are born to learn something n do something.

Its a great line occupying the largest meaning not even found in the dictionary 😉

Suppose a day you learn something n do something bout of it,the result oesn’t matter here,anything that matters here is Living Life endowed to you purposefully.

I write all these blogs just to put my thoughts together at a place,recently i came across some situations that gave me immense pleasure.

Mistakes will be done by everyone everyday,but learning something n applying it to your life is something that adds spice to your life..

I learned to smile everyday whenever i see someone,i m used to it now..feel good thing..

Smile n see.. 🙂


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