MIS “understanding” FrIeNdS

Friends….!!!!! ❤ ❤

The word that makes to show up a curve on your face..Friends make your life beautiful.

Funnniest moments,memorable moments many more will be part of friendship.Everyone has a friend.Nothing but a companion that makes you rock your life…

We do miss them sometimes..Then comes the time to go back and rewind the past happenings.Best time of making ourselves happy is jus reminding them…

Smile and tears are everywhere in any relation so is “FRIENDSHIP”

We have fun,we hang out,we play together,we cry together,we fight whatnot I bet every friend tries to give their best to their bestie…!!!

Sometimes Misunderstandings pauses the relation…seriously it is quite common to misunderstand….i experienced personally…

Many times i ve seen friends misunderstanding each other..I feel so sorry for such moments.

I feel like slapping my bestie and ask if she cant forgive me and listen to my explanation,though my heart says me this,my mind provokes me not to do that…But afterall we are friends we must anyways resume the relation again…so i will never take a step backward to go n talk to my friends…do you know why???

They UNDERSTAND me so well ,yes they do and so our relation existed till now,and now that moment has come to save my relation n i will do it for sure…they care me a lot,makes me smile and shares my agony..so how can i forgo them???

I still have such friends who are a part of my life…..

Love them…

I specially dedicate this one of my friend ..she is cute but like a kid..

Love you ❤


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