The thing that makes you feel is your HEART,either happy or sometimes fetches you happiness and sometimes dumps you in agony.Both extremes are part of leading life.

But i see myself in swinging thoughts sometimes.Im scared of expecting the very next happening,bcoz i never knew what will i end up with.I m finding myself in a zenith position n sometimes finding myself in pathetic state.I couldn’t even realize how the way things change around me.Why does this happen???

This is 99th day of my struggle n finally could fix my puzzle 😉

Ignoring is the breaker of my puzzle.Some past picks of life leaves a deep foot prints on the WAY OF THINKING.They are stamped in our heart in such a way that we even can’t realize the reason is because of past.I knew it was pathetic but at times we need to dig the past n scrap away some memories for the favour of future..

Easiest thing is advising.bcoz we are not going to see it in an empathetic view,so people keep on showering advices ion you.Just be yourself.None knows morethan what you know about you..!

Caring was my favourite word in english,Ignoring is my favourite word now.

Wish i wouldnot not change ignoring to——- in future too..!!