My things “ex CHANGED” my LIFE

Exciting moments of life gives us lots of happiness.But when exciting moments occupy your life at some time,make sure you get ready to face also the exact opposite happenings.


This is not at all thinking in a negative way but to make your mind ready for some instances,preparing to face them with Boldness.


I tell this to you bcoz….some moments make you feel lonely such that you lose confidence in yourself and you just feel HELPLESS for all the shocks you receive sometimes….

The things that makes you BOLD makes you feel HELPLESS…

Life is nothing but accepting unexpected  happenings…!!! and this line is very hard to accept ….we realize this only when we face the hardtimes….


When the world is before you with many challenges,your own mind shouldn’t be a challenge for you..Be a person to forgive all the illness of life’s happenings…! Be a person to face the highest agony and face the world with a smile 🙂

The Joy in happy times and the pain in sad time are EXTREMES of life.. MEANS is dealing with EXTREMES…. 🙂 😦

A single drop of water with lots of feelings is a “Tear”.
When you shed them,make sure they carry some value before they leave your EYE..!!!


The best thing of life is BEING HAPPY…!!!

The best thing of being happy is to LIVE life ….!!!

May seem simple but carries lot of meaning …add it to your life…!!!


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