Elixir of all pains..!!!

Have you ever been depressed so long unable to bear the pain created by your close ones or situations or fate??Obviously you must have faced such situations for sure,because pain is a part and parcel of maintaining human relations.

You must be largely experienced either by causing pain to others or being affected by others.It is very natural that we do get hurt and we do hurt others but all this was not intentional,instead was unintentional issues.


We suffer a lot and get depressed in such moments without even thinking the root cause for the pain or situation. After all we are humans and we are not called by that name if all this exactly wont happen with us.We must be some super natural power for not happening this to us.

Whatever the bottomline is “WE EXPECT NOT TO EXPERIENCE THE SAME PAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN”,because it is we who knew the depth of the suffering as struggling alone in pain is a bloody hell.


I am the one who experienced this pain many a time but never complained about it to anyone.Finally one day my pain shattered out ,came out of me and i burst out before my dad.To my surprise,the pain or the suffering which has been killing me since many days got disappeared all at once when i shared it with my dad.I realized how foolish am i all these days,even without sharing my pain to my parents.The moment my dad witnessed my agony,he just has no words to say,gave sometime to me to make sure all the suffering within me is out and then just took my hands  into this hands and said “HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THE PERSON WHO HURT YOU AND WHY DID HE HURT U?”..Out of my irksome nature,i  jus said why should i?

Then he said to me that thats the reason why you suffered these many days.I dint get my dad at the moment,but later on when days passed by,i got to know how mom and dad used to understand each other.

To my shock they never fought nor even scolded each other.They always understand each other imagining themselves in the other person’s situation..This is called EMPATHETIC VIEW.


Just try to understand others by thinking in their way..thats it…PAIN WILL NEVER SUFFER YOU.

trust me…

have an empathetic view….