Plight of a purest relation….!!!!!!

Can we be friends forever …???

Can we hold our hands together…???

Can we really share our feelings among ourselves???




Will the world permit us to be like this…????

This is the voice of a boy and a girl who wanna be REAL friends but fear of the MISUNDERSTANDING world around them???

I witnessed my friends with this situation and I m really disturbed after seeing them struggling to protect their PUREST relation…I have no role to play  to solve their relation but I see their pain and I never want a true relation to be blamed at any cost……They don’t want to be blamed for their purest form oF relation…They want to be blessed for their relation.Instead they are being pointed out as FAKE and there ends the sharing of the feelings which holds the main part of their relation …..None realizes that friendship is nothing but giving and sharing happiness……

I just gave a piece of advice saying that ” show your extremity in your relation and people will automatically understand their insanity “…

I won’t allow their relation to wither off as it is not a shortlybuilt relation provided its a long term and  a purest relation…..

I really feel sorry for the folks who areunaware of the difference between friendship and love……….Hope that they will rekindle their inner spirit and continue their friendship……

Friendship rocks…!!!!!!