Esteemed element of life is you…!!!!

Did you ever speak to yourself? Did u ever care for yourself? Are you much concerned about yourself …it may seem strange to you after seeing these questions.but these are to be posed for every now and then to evaluate what is you . Because the most important person you got to care about in your entire life is you.when you know you, you are able to know what’s going around you.

I came across a sentence recently in a book it is “the worst loneliness is when you don’t speak to you ” great words of mark twain…

Its a real fact that is to be realized.isnt’ it thrilling to care the person in you,share your thoughts and consoling,it’s nothing but comforting you on you…you must respect yourself and your thoughts ,then develops lots of optimistic elements like self confidence ,discipline ,,empathy,understanding,organizing ,humanrelations what not everything  will be as you wish…realize you are the gift for you ..treat you in a way that you will remain confident all the time….change  yourself just by accepting yourself…talk to you,write to you,and I m sure you will see the exactness in you…some qualities remain dormant when you don’t  pick them up..bring out the exact you from you and trust me you will be more happier than ever…..

Evaluate yourself,change yourself,accept yourself …….. Then you need not lead a life you can LIVE your life each and every moment…..

Respect yourself and bring out the positive prospects…….

So never be lonely till you have life in your breath… life..!!!!




The power of a spoken word…!!!!!

The words that we speak are the effigy of our mind..whatever our mind drives we try to deliver that by our speech on the form of SPOKEN WORDS.The spoken word has a power in it.yes I really mean it.When a word or a desire comes to our mind we intend to do that,we make it possible by cracking out all impossibilities.The boldness to beat out the obstacles ,the courage to make your word come true lies in the SPOKEN WORD.A spoken word is a desire in you, a dream in you, something that you wanna make it happen,it is something you wish to accomplish……so whenever you aim or desire at something just speak that desire in yourself…it is done..sometimes when you read a book or a blog you come across some beautiful lines…just pick them up and keep within you..I m sure within no time you see those lines happen in reality. Reality is that near to you. Never give up anything,always be ambitious and energetic…all these words came from my heart after I met some people who make their wishes through the power of their SPOKEN WORDS…
Truly they live life…they teach the values of life.l…they give life to thoughts and make them happen…I truly adore them…….