At times inevitable………..!!!!!!!

Some situations turn in such a way that we will be automatically stimulated to either laugh till our stomachs hurt or cry bitterly.These situations are quite common and we do experience them.Both these situations makes us light hearted.we cant stop either laugh or tears..because both are emotionally controlled.In real life many  a time we are forced to experience them.How ever some situations remain memorable and some are to be forgotten for sure..But one thing to realize is that Both these are Extremities of emotion and so are inevitable to get experienced.

We find loads and loads of fun in a hang out with friends and we find lots of tears shedding our eyes while we get apart from them.Each and every thing in our life gives us happiness and at the same time makes us weep.Movies are the best example..we enjoy to the fullest while watching comedy and cry bitterly while sentimental kind touches you.You make fun of your siblings while they sulk on you and at the same time if they need to be apart from you again tears roll on your cheeks.YOU also serve as the example…when you crack  a joke  others laugh because of you and if you hurt some one they cry because of you….again the entry of extremities…..

Smile on your Lips and Tears from your Eyes are interrelated…………and they teach us the best lesson that both happiness and unhappiness are a part of life.Dare to face them with guts ………………


Dazzling Dreams….!!!!

How will you feel after seeing a rainbow…????

It feels like heaven and our hearts will be filled with delight up to the brim right??????

Wont we feel like touching the rainbow…it will be that attractive at sight..!!!

Similarly LIFE will be COLORFUL if we just accept by heart…..Jus leave all hard feelings and come out of untimely boundaries…and try to fly in the world of colors……


LIFE is nothing but a RAINBOW…….each and every color can be compared to a feeling….


some colors when seen separately wont attract us but when seen in a rainbow…it gives a special look…

likewise some situations gives us bad memories….but life is a blend of all ..(both good and bad)….

we must relish the innateness of LIFE……


then only you can LIVE YOUR LIFE……

You can live upto your dreams….




Did you come across people who always try their level best helping others?????

Did you ever take the help of others???

Did you witness people who receive others’ help and just move on their own way????

It may seem weird to you that why am i asking all these questions…right????

because i say the answer “YES” for all the above questions….what do u say???

Life is meaningful if you live it meaningfully…….


Expressing gratitude in one way of meaningful life…….

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or an emotion we form after receiving something from others for us……

In order to feel a sense of gratitude and well being, we need to consciously remind ourselves of what’s going right in our lives….

Simply taking help from others is not a good human tendency…thanking them for sure completes your duty…….

believe me just a word “thank you” gives much more satisfaction to others and the sense of gratitude arises in your heart…….

Just say “THANK YOU” and see how “AWESOME” it feels!!!!






Hello readers my name is FEELING and i m the slave of THOUGHT. You know I m always judged by that thought.I am born in that.My Origin and my Death is in the hands of that THOUGHT.i never knew till thought said me that both of us resides in everyone. Thought said that it will always be happy and i must be the victim most of the times.I dint trust its’ words.But my pathetic  situation arose within no time when it comes to human beings…

I came to know some facts that

I must always suffer because i must live in HEARTS of people….

The life of thought is too good because it will always be in MINDS of people…..

Why don’t u ask the reason?????

Heres  comes the strongest reason for my SITUATION…

When I was born to thought,it taught me how to live properly in this society.Thought always guides me like my mother.Althought thought wants to make me to lead my life happily,its not in our hands as both of us are in the hands of “HUMAN BEINGS”.

Human beings have two main organs MIND and HEART ….two main because i know myself and thought .thats it so i consider them important..MIND is the house of thought and HEART is the house of mine.thought said me that “FEELING,you are so sensitive as the place you live in..please learn the way to console yourself otherwise you must feel sorry because we are the DECISION MAKERS of human beings.In the process of making their decisions i can be strong because my mind to some extent will listen to me.But your heart is too weak to take any FEELING…so be cautious sweety…take care”….

This is my life.Though i am a feeling i have nothing to feel good or bad  because its all in the hands of a HUMAN BEING.

Are you not believing my words????

Oh gosh!!!!

Then you must listen to my complete STORY…….


THOUGHT gave me all kinds of cautions about human beings and asked me to be strong and lead a peaceful life.I guess thought forget that i must be the sufferer at any cost..I prayed that i must not get hurt by anyone. But these humans create such situations that “I AM THE REASON FOR THEIR WRONG DECISONS”some times they applaud me sometimes they curse in such a way that i cant FEEL anymore and will always be left with a frown in my head………

Days passed on and i learnt to live myself in the hearts of people….

Sometimes people treat me so well and those happiest days are too less in my life….anyways having those days is really too great for me after listening to ‘THOUGHT”.


My thought mom always ignites me to come of humans……you know there are some kinds of people who don’t possess me in their heart…their heart is callous and i heard that they are called as STONE hearted persons….THOUGHT  always makes fun of such people because they will receive utmost abuses from others and the reason is THEY LACK ME and thought reminds me about such kinds of persons and i do smile too much for that…..


This problem arises when the thoughts of me and thought don’t sync with each other….in such cases when the humans get weaker and cry i too get tears because i too get hurt too much…But then THOUGHT tries to console me .Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t……


It is when students write their exams….THOUGHT doesn’t step out of their minds and they suffer a lot but this time they wont  get hurt and so I M HAPPY for this……


In the so called LOVE …i will start reacting faster than thought and after my reaction thought starts its action..But my goodness iv e to be utmost cautious with this LOVE..some people say that LOVE is all trash and some people say that LOVE is great. whatever  i am the novice of this LOVE….many people live happily in this relation and some fail to be happy..people who fail to be happy don’t accept that the fault is within usual they blame me..but i don’t care because i can witness many success stories and i ignore the people who find faults with me….


Even in this relation i am the MONARCH  and in the process of starting this relation i got a new friend “SOUL”.when i ignite friendship in humans this SOUL makes them together and so friends are also called as SOULMATES….nice to hear na!! When it comes to LOVE and  FRIENDSHIP…THOUGHT doesn’t participate much…..


You know i literally hate these people….to the max…….

They don’t like me and they give the least priority to me….

They do their works ignoring me and importance of me….

They only live with THOUGHT and don’t even bother about me..

They live in a FAKE world….

.But some day they will realize the importance of me!!!


TRUTH always makes me happy and feel good for myself….

TRUTH always wins and i owe a lot to it…..


I am a sensitive part of you…i am a true part of you…i am a trustworthy part of you

I don’t know the way i make you feel….i never knew that i am the thing that makes you either happy or sad.its all happening without my interference…all that i can say strongly is that i am created by THOUGHT but those are yours and so i can finally say that YOU are the maker of your life…

MYSELF and THOUGHT are dependent on you exclusively…please never blame us for your deeds

Similarly never applaud us for your happiness……

We are just the carriers of your innateness …….but you people are in a wrong perception that we will always hurt you…we are just the audience of your lives……………

But the fairest thing of us is we love helping you and we love accepting your success and failures..

Because you gave us a means to live and that too in your mind and heart….

We both owe you a lot n lot….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is a blend of feelings!!!!

Life is nothing but the spell we are given by the almighty to experience the ” BLEND OF FEELINGS”…


We ourselves must define what LIFE is!!!

Life is a blend of feelings..its damn true….


If happiness is the only thing you wanted, it means that you are not willing to lead a LIFE…


If u feel that you are the only person with all the sorrows in this world… means that you are not knowing that you are leading a LIFE…..

If u always wish for the best….you must be ready to face the worst first…then only BEST comes to you….

Life teaches you many…all the failures we experience are itself the lessons of the past time…

Trust me these failures are much precious to us…..because only after a failure you can witness the taste of SUCCESS…..

Never get disheartened by any means….

a fact::

To witness a rainbow…initially you must witness rain and sunshine

To experience SUCCESS…..initially you must experience a FAILURE 

you know something……….!!!!!!!!!





The best part of any person’s life is CHILDHOOD……

The memories tied up with childhood are pretty precious and they mean lot lot to us…..

One of my such memory is this “royal”memory…… of mine……lovely of mine.….

we used to reside near to a park during my child hood.That park is a treasury in my sense as it contains a lot of “royal” trees.

we friends are seven in number and we used to treat that park as our own home….

we used to set out to park very early in the morning with our fun minds on and we used to start our games …games that are completely different…this tree yields “orange” bright flowers along with green closed buds and the leaves that serve our purpose for those games…

its really a fun with that tree…we used to pluck  the flowers,leaves,buds and put them to sale….we used to treat every part of that tree as currency….dunno how come that idea stroke our mind…but we used to fix the amount to each part say flowers are each thousand bugs and leaves are ten each……goes on…..

we used to have a damaged small cute umbrella of one of my friend …that umbrella is white and blue colored and we used to place all these flowers ,leaves and buds into that treating that as a treasury………

those moments are really precious……

that park used to be lightening like a thunder… colored ground filled with fallen flowers……

it used to be like a “heaven”

love those moments and miss them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1