too much of love and affection…molly coddle…………..a bit dangerous

mollycoddle is nothing but showering lots and lots of care and affection on a may be called as pampering may be shown as a token of love on the other person but when it crosses limits it will literally be the dangerous thing to get rid off.the only things that are to be considered utmost are possessiveness and becoming bound.both are equally not good.possessiveness to some extent creates a kind of joy and happiness,but when possessiveness elevates we can no more be happy.a feeling of utmost insecurity arises from the core of our heart and we ll be not able to control our feelings and that leads to imbalance of mind and it disturbs the psychic process of a person.

if we consider the matter of becoming bound to a person,it is equally dangerous.being bound to a person within short time is really dangerous as it will be a temporary relationship and such relations will be very weak and brittle.therefore the capablitity of keeping our mind in balance is of utmost importance to each and everyone who will be easily carried away by feelings.boldness is the need of the hour………………………… aware of molly coddle


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