hilarious venture………….

when expected turns unexpected……………


it is as easy as apie to expect anything from any chore we do.but expectation must be nearer to approximation otherwise it may blow an ill wind on our thoughts turning them negative.one must be as fit as a fiddle to face any moment that is depressing.many great havocs are the result of expecting higher.if we expect anything,that must not be confirmed by our mind it must have a partial hope.many can’t digest expected things turning unexpected,as it leads to a depressing thoughts in our mind.some people out of their foolishness lives in a fool’s paradise.any situation can turn negative ,it depends upon the nature of the work we do.expectation must be healthy and inspirational but not agonising.don’t be drifted away by expectations.abstain yourself from being depressed by expecting more from less.enthusiastic feelings take their shape in the form of being as keen as a mustard.when expected turns unexpected ,have a dare heart to face unexpected events and be happy if the expected comes true.have thoughts in a balanced away such that our psyche is in a pleasant way of thinking………………….


One thought on “hilarious venture………….

  1. lovely writings of my lovely dude!!!!!!!!!
    i cant express the extent i felt after reading your blogs…………..

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